Our Work - Very Practical!

Our work is very diverse, whereby the building of relationships, friendships, trust, and lived-out faith are the most important words!

Home Visits

We always try to work very holistically, which means that we not only look after the children, but also their families, as far as they still have one. We believe that it is God's plan to grow up in a good family and wish, therefore, that families would become strong again. We just want to be there and build friendships (isolation is especially a problem in big cities), help in the household, have conversations with the whole family, or to play with the kids and help them with their homework.


Kids-Club: Saturday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

This takes place once a week for kids ages 4-13 years and gives us a chance to spend time with the kids, who for the most part are growing up in difficult situations with socially disadvantaged families. We sing together, play, eat, and everyone has the chance to learn more about God.


Day trips and weekend excursions are also an important part of our work. This is important in order to give the kids and their single mothers the chance to get away from their stressful and often overwhelming daily routines, to give them recovery and relaxation, which is not possible in their little apartments as single moms. Through prayer, fun, and companionship, everyone gets filled up here to go back to their daily lives.

Free-time Activities

Theater visits, swimming, playing pool, going to the lake, and playing outside with the kids are also a part of our work.

Ausflug bei Burger King

Work with Drug-Addicted Teenagers

We are very sad that so many of our friends reach to drugs- in order to numb the pain in their souls that came during their childhoods. Here we also try to meet their individual needs in order to make a drug-free future for them possible.

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Vacation Trips

One highlight for the kids and teenagers are the vacation trips we take about 2 times a year. Children's church service, night time hiking, grilling, swimming, zoo visits, games, and eating together all make this time unforgettable for the kids.

Church Service: Sunday 6:00pm

In order to bring the Word of God to those people who have no church background, it is important to create an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable. We have a church service on Sunday evenings for punks, people from the street, friends of ours and families, whom we have looked after for many years. After a short sermon and worship time we then have fellowship and food.



Here we invite people from the street in order to have fellowship with them and to talk about God. It is a chance to deepen friendships and to learn more about the lives of the various people, and to comfort and encourage them.