The farm

As most of you know, we have long been planning to start a farm outside of Berlin which will run alongside our ministry here in Berlin. This will be a type of Christian Community/Therapy where we can better help the people we are now taking care of here in Berlin.

Again and again, children who have come to Kids Club for years and who love Jesus from the bottom of their hearts are being put in homes because the situation at their own home is so bad that their well-being is in danger. Unfortunately, in these children's homes, they don't hear about Jesus anymore. We have also built trust to socially deprived people and drug addicts who want to make a new start without drugs. However, it is difficult for them to build trust to Christians they don't know. We want the farm to provide familiar surroundings for these people so that they can grow with Jesus and learn a structured daily routine.

We have already found an appropriate location for the farm, and it is for sale in Brandenburg. It is 14 hectares and consists of several buildings. The owner would like to sell it to us for 450,000 Euros.

It has always been the case that God has given us the funds when we were supposed to start a project, and because we do not yet have the funds for the farm, it is a clear sign to us that it is not yet God's timing for the project to begin. Therefore, we are waiting patiently for God to give us the green light, even if it takes another 1-2 years.

Therefore, please only donate to this project if you yourself have the patience and vision from God for this farm. We don't want to disappoint any donors if the project takes longer than planned.

Account for donations for the Farm

Every donation that goes into this account will only be used for the "Farm" project.

In case God lays this project on your heart, you will of course receive a certificate at the beginning of the year stating what you donated.

Postbank Berlin
Routing number: 100 100 10
Account number: 529151103
Memo: Bauernhof (Farm)

For transfers from overseas:
IBAN: DE36 100 100 100 529 151 103